Birth announcement for a private person

Collaboration with Fauve, a french microbrewery in Paris for the beer of the month called “le Royaume des Songes” triple IPA.

Collaboration with the Patate collective for a travelling exhibition throughout France on the theme of “Wild”. Risography print.

Collaboration with Albert le journal, french newspaper for kids from 9 to 14 years old.

Première de couverture n°110, janvier 2022, Journal Albert,

Collaboration with Aarhome, french wallpaper company.

Series of gifs for the brand Le Chapeau Magique, vintage jewelry brand.

Digital illustrations ”Mexico by day” & ”Mexico by night for sale in collaboration with Maison A4. Very limited edition.

Press project for the magazine Suisse Décadrée. Representation of women in the Swiss film industry.

collaboration with DecadréE magazine. Illustrations to accompagny an article of the wearing of the veil and feminism