Hi there !

Elodie is inspired by the different cultural environments in which she is located to illustrate anecdotes, memories… Sensitive and passionate, she has at heart to transmit an emotion or a message with her colorful images. She also likes to give life to the walls, to her notebooks, but also to the drawings themselves by animating certain scenes through digital drawing.

  • I L L U S T R A T I O N :

I illustrate your press articles about well-being, travel feminism or news for children and teenagers. Print and web support.

  • G I F S :

I create a series of animated gifs for your company to communicate your advertising on social networks.

  • A N I M AT I O N S :

I animate and illustrate your article for your webzine or website. Another idea for collaboration? Feel free to contact me at elodieflvt@gmail.com